Joyetech Made E Cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration reports that there are over 400 different manufacturers of e cigarettes. 

Even though electronic cigarettes were first developed by a Chinese chemist in 2003, this doesn’t mean that all of the ecigs coming out of China today are as safe and effective as those made by companies like JoyeTech.

So how do you know if what you’re buying really does what it says and is safe for you and those around you? If you do just a little research on the manufacturer it will quickly become clear what sets others like JoyeTech apart from the hundreds of other brands out there.

JoyeTech has been a leader in the ecigarette market for over five years and has received countless awards for their quality products and efforts they have made in regard to research on ecigarettes and the safety and efficacy of them.

Founded in 2007, JoyeTech has continued to push the limits when it comes to innovation, quality and customer service. These are the three areas that set JoyeTech apart from most of the other ecigarette manufacturers, worldwide.

JoyeTech’s loyal customer base can be found in Europe, Britain, Russia, America and Asia. JoyeTech’s line of quality ecigarette products includes a wide variety of styles that suit just about any need or want you might have in an ecig product. Aside from a wide variety of styles, JoyeTech offers a broad selection of different size eliquid cartridges, changeable batteries and changeable atomizers.

The JoyeTech eGo-T has been named the best electronic cigarette on the market time and time again.

Aside from the product’s highly ranked marks in the categories of quality, reliability, value and durability, the JoyeTech Ego is consistently given kudos for the pleasurable experience is offers to its users.

Now that you see what sets JoyeTech and companies like it apart, we’ll discuss why the cheap imitations are really not worth your time and money. The quality products made by JoyeTech are so popular that many companies have begun making copycats of these products and are being sold online in countries the world over. JoyeTech’s website lists these known copycats, which also includes various unauthorized models that have not been proven safe. While these products make look similar to those offered by JoyeTech, the quality is not on the same level. Most of these product copycats do not last, do not work at all or are unsafe. Many times these products cost as much as JoyeTech’s quality products and can even be more expensive than JoyeTech products.

Joye Tech not only stands out when it comes to its electronic cigarettes. They also have an entire research and development team that is constantly updating the product line.

The quality of performance has simply not been matched by any of the cheap imitations that can be found on the market. Afterall what is the point of using an ecig if the drag is not enjoyable. Many of the cheap knockoffs claim to offer the same variety of products offered by JoyeTech, but when you actually try it you’re left disappointed, or even worse – disgusted. But by then you have already invested your time and money and the company got paid.

What it all comes down to is that the major difference between the cheap knockoffs and JoyeTech products is that JoyeTech products are made with the consumers’ wants and needs in mind while the other companies that produce cheap imitations only have the consumers’ money in mind. Companies like Clean Smoke USA proudly sells JoyeTech products because they know their customers will be satisfied and will be using products that have been proven safe, effective and are built to last.

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