E-Cig Maintenance

Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can smoke an e-cigarette many times (an
estimated 10,000 smokes) before you need to buy a new one. However, this does
not mean you do not need to take care of your e-cigarette. From time to time,
you should spend a few minutes to clean and perform easy e-cig maintenance,
so that your smoking experience is maximized. Below is a simple guide to e-cig
maintenance by each individual part:


As with any battery, your battery will last much longer if you let it fully die before
recharging it. The battery does need to be cleaned occasionally, although not as
much as the cartridge or atomizer. To clean the battery, follow these steps

1. Take a cotton swab that is lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol.
2. Then gently wipe the part of the battery that comes into contact with the

If you properly clean your battery, you can expect between 250-300 charges. Some
people have gotten even more charges though after taking extra care by cleaning the
battery on a regular basis.

Some people recommend cleaning the charger as well, although it does not need to
be done as often. Occasionally dirt will accumulate in the charger, but it does not
need to be cleaned every time you clean your e-cig.


Cleaning the atomizer is basically identical to cleaning the battery. Use a cotton
swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean. The atomizer gets extremely
clogged with dirty and residue, so it needs to be thoroughly cleansed. The threaded
section of the atomizer should be gone over twice, because dirt and grime tends to
accumulate in between the threads.

Some home remedies recommend soaking in vinegar or boiling water. This is not
the best way to clean the atomizer because it is electronic and can malfunction if it
becomes corrupted.

Generally, if proper care is used, the atomizer will last between 9-12 months. Obviously, the amount you smoke also affects this timeframe as heavy users can
expect 6-9 months instead of the 9-12 month timeframe.

The Cartridge

Like the other two components, rub a cotton swab or cloth in the cartridge to clean
it. This is assuming you are filing your own e-liquid. If you are not, then you can
simply discard the cartridge and replace it with a new one. If you are refilling your
cartridges with e-liquid, you should expect 12-15 refills out of your cartridge before the lining wears out. If this happens, simply discard the cartridge.

ecig maintenance is important


Proper maintenance of your e-cigarette is extremely important and should be a
regular occurrence. By cleaning your e-cigarette, your smoking experience will be
enhanced and your e-cigarette will last much longer. Cleaning an e-cigarette takes
only five to ten minutes and will save you a lot of money in the long run because
you are not constantly buying parts. Start taking care of your e-cigarette and you’ll
see just how much better it will feel when you smoke it. Chances are, it will be much

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